Retired: CHILDHOOD CRUSHER – Circuit Bent Psychosis Supplement


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“For Some Reason People Ask Me What I Do For Fun? All The Time. Like I’m Not Having Fun? Well,  Here’s What Fun Is…  Me Breaking Into Your House While You’re At Work, Tighter Pants Society Meetings, Dinner Or… Classes On How To Perfect Being The Poster Child For Mouth Breathing In Every Photo. I Liberate Your Children’s Toys. I Crack Them Open & Give Them A new Life.  They Go On Forever,  Living In Pieces Of Music Created By Aspiring & Established Producers.  Your Child Weeps Endlessly For His Missing Toys.  Childhood Fucking Crushed.  Way To Go Dad.  Andy’s Never Coming Home & SID Is A Genius.

Here’s The Spoils…


[a circuit bent psychosis supplement]

4,600 Brand New Circuit Bent Sounds. Crushed/Glitched/Stretched/Stomped & Drugged Drum kicks, Snares, Hi-Hats, Percussion, Cymbals, Pianos, Keyboards, Horns, Loops, Drones & All kinds Of Other Chubby Goodness. Everything You Need To Drown Out The Real World Around You So You Can Do What’s Important…  Make Dope Shit!

Usable On Any DAW, Sampler Or Whatever You Wanna Throw These Sounds Into.

15$ Equals 4,600 Brand New Sounds.  Unbeatable.

Transmission Over…

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